A common cause of drains being blocked are actually tree roots growing into a drain and causing a blockage!

When a tree root is inside a drain, it creates a platform for other solids to latch onto. Any debris flowing through the drain – grease, wet wipes sanitary products etc (none of these should be flushed btw) can get caught up in the tree roots and further exacerbate the blocked drain problem.

It can obviously be a issue to remove these tree roots yourself, as even finding where they are located will be hard work without the correct gear.

Thankfully, we have the equipment to find any problems within your drains, in or out of your home. Get in touch with us anywhere in Greater Manchester to book to an appointment and get your drains flowing freely once again. CCTV drainage starts from just £59.

Cutting Roots Out Of A Drain

Take a look at the videos we have taken recently of us finding and removing tree roots from a drain in Bolton.

This video was the exploration of the drain where we discovered the tree roots growing.

Here we are removing the roots from the drain with our specailist root cutting equipment.

This video shows the drain without the tree roots after we removed them. You can see the waste water can flow easily through the pipes once again.

If your drains are blocked or you feel there may be a problem stopping your waste water running properly, give us a call on 07751 139514 or fill out the contact form on the page. Our friendly team will be in touch with you to see how we can help.