We were recently called out to a propertt in Lowton where the property was experiencing flooding on the outside of the property everytime it rained!

CCTV Drain Survey

Our investigation began with a CCTV drain survey, meaning a little camera was threaded down the drain to let us see what was happening inside the drain.

What we found was a massive root ingress originating from the customers tree in their garden.

We had little access to make the required repairs, so we dug uo the gully and cut out the roots. Once the roots had been cut out and removed we added a patch liner to prevent the roots from growing back.

The final task we performed was to replace the VC gully with a brand spanking new PVC access gully.

Now when it rains, the water is able to drain successfully through the drains, rather than flood the drive way and paths around the home!

Id you have noticed flooding around your property during bad weather it may be time to get in touch with us to clear your drains. Chat to us via the live chat feature on the site, call on 07751 139 514, or fill out the form online and we get back to you as quickly as possible to arrange an appointment.