Toilet Unblocking Manchester

We were recently called out to a customer who had a blocked toilet.  Many times she had managed to unblock the toilet, but within a short time frame, the toilet would be backed up again.  It became aparant that it was time to call in the professionals!

When we arrived at the customers house, we managed to unblock the toilet, again.  We thought it best to investigate the reasons behind the continuous blocking of the toilet so that we could eliminate the problem at the root cause.

We deployed our CCTV drainige inspection equipment to discover what was going on.  What we found were tree roots that had broken through her drains and were causing a blockage in the drains.  This is the reason that the blockage kept returning.

Thankfully, we have dealt with this situation many times before.  We have specialist cutting equipment (as seen in the video) that can reach and remove these tree roots, preventing these tree roots to be the cause of any future blocks.

Patch Lining

Once the tree roots had been removed, we had to patch up the damaged drain to prevent a host of other potential problems (roots regrowing in the area, easy access to pests like rats etc).  To do this we installed a patch liner over the joints.  This puts a new layer of drain protection on the pipe so that it is sealed safely.

If you have a blocked toilet, or symptoms of blocked drains, please give us a call.  Catching drainage problems early will save money and further disruption later down the line.

Give us a call on: 07751 139514 or fill in the form to make an appointment when is convenient to you.