When you’ve serviced as many blocked drains in Manchester as we have, you’ll find some pretty strange things lurking down there!

Blocked drains are a commonplace problem, and more often than not, they are fairly straightforward to rectify. The causes behind the blockages are usually the same few things; fat, hair, food, wet wipes and sanitary products.

However, occasionally we come across some really strange things blocking the drains of Manchester. Here, we’ve listed a few of our more interesting finds, along with some stories of weird and wonderful drain blockages found elsewhere in the UK.

Cat Litter Blocking Drains

Much quicker to chuck used cat litter down the toilet when cleaning out your cat’s litter box, right? It might be quicker, but it will cause you some serious drain issues in the long run. Cat litter is weighty, and especially in the case of clumping cat litter, it can cause a massive obstruction in your drains or sewers.

Cement or Concrete Blocking Drains

Cement is sometimes used to purposely block drains that are no longer in use. However, serious problems can occur when cement or concrete accidentally end up in working drains.

By their very nature, cement and concrete are designed to be solid substances that are hard to move. Because of this, they can easily cause blockages in drainage pipes, requiring blocked drains service experts such as ourselves to put it right.

Mobile Phone Blocking Drains

Ever dropped your phone down the loo? If you manage to get it out, the worst you’ll suffer is a broken phone. But what if you don’t realise that you’ve dropped it down there and flush the toilet? Well, unsurprisingly, a phone in your drains is likely to cause a pretty substantial blockage. Send us a message and we’ll retrieve it for you, although we’ll be pretty impressed if it’s still working!

Children’s Toys Down Drains

Kids, who’d have them? Whether on purpose or by accident, it’s likely your child will drop toys or food down the toilet at some point.

If it’s a large toy, or if this is a recurring issue, toys down the drain are likely to cause a blocked toilet. Give us a call and we’ll retrieve the toys (you might want to give them a wash!) and get your drains working properly again.

False Teeth

Yep, false teeth are dropped down the toilet fairly frequently! If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them and be able to retrieve them before they block the drain.


Animals can often block drains, especially if they’re deceased. Rats, mice and occasionally kittens have all been found blocking drains. One of the most common animals to be found blocking drains are snakes.

The most unusual case we’ve heard of was in 2008. A live pig had found his way into the sewers and was found when Wessex Water investigated the cause of the blockage. The pig was adopted by them as a company pet!

More Strange Causes of Blocked Drains

Incredibly, police have found a massive range of stolen items in drains throughout the UK. These items include bags, cameras, jewellery, and even three-piece suites and motorbikes! Drains are a quick and easy hiding place for criminals to hide their stolen loot.

Other odd causes of blocked drains that we’ve heard of include traffic cones, bicycles, prams, and once, a Christmas tree!

SM Drains are, admittedly, used to dealing with far more ordinary causes of blocked drains than these. But no drainage problem is too large, small, or unusual for us to tackle. If you need help with blocked drains in Manchester, then contact us on 07751139514 or send us a message on our contact form.