As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure.’  With this in mind, the lovely fellas at SM Drains (that’d be us) have put together their top tips to keep your drains in great condition.

Keep these points in mind and your home will stay fresh and fragrant, not to mention the money you’ll save on drain unblocking and repair for years to come!


1. Your drain is not a dustbin!

You should never use your drain for anything other than water, poop, pee and loo roll!  It’s not a dustbin.

Anything that does not break down naturally should not be placed within the drainage system.  By this, we mean don’t put it in your loo, sink, shower, bath plughole or even in your septic tank.

We’ve seen all sorts down there, from fat and grease to cotton wool buds and pads, sanitary products and even bricks and builder’s rubble.

And while we’re at it, flushable wipes are not a thing, don’t believe the hype! You will end up with a blocked drain – leading to inconvenience and expense.  Don’t believe us?  We can’t promise we won’t say we told you so!


2. Find your stop cock

If you have a blocked drain, you may end up with flooding issues.  So whilst you might not think finding your stop cock belongs on a list of drain issues, it’s a very important point!

Make sure you know where your mains water stop cock is.  Some stop cocks need a key, so if yours does, ensure you have it to hand if needed, just in case you ever need to turn off the water in an emergency.

This is especially the case when you move to a new house, as you don’t know what the previous residents have been putting in the drains.  Blocked drains and flooding may be imminent!

Look out for our blog next month on how to find and operate a stop cock.


3. Smelly bathroom drains?

If you don’t use a certain bathroom in your house very regularly – a guest room en-suite for example, then stagnant water in your drains can cause bad smells.

The best way to deal with this is to flush the toilet, run the hot tap and shower to flush clean water through the system.  Do this weekly and smelly bathroom drains shouldn’t be a problem.


4.  Check your gutters and grids

It’s important to check your gutters and grids regularly to keep them free from debris.  This is particularly important during the autumn and winter months, when fallen leaves can lead to blockages.


5. Fit drain covers

You should fit drain covers over all outdoor drains on your property, as this will prevent debris being washed into the sewers and potentially causing blockages or damage to pipes.

Indoors, drain guards on plugholes are essential to reduce the amount of hair going down the shower drain, and food going down the kitchen sink.  Drain guards won’t stop fat and grease though.

Wait for fat to cool and solidify and pop it in your kitchen bin instead.  Alternatively, mix with seeds and leave a tasty treat for the birds!


6. No chemicals in your drains

Chemical cleaners promise the moon on a stick, but they’re only a short-term solution.  If you’ve got a drain blockage that’s bad enough to use a chemical drain unblocker, and it keeps recurring, there’s likely to be an underlying issue.  This could be a larger blockage further down in the system, or a damaged pipe.

Chemical drain unblockers are extremely harsh, and often contain acids, which can weaken pipes and lead to damage and even drain collapse.

We’d recommend a more permanent solution, such as an investigative CCTV survey to get to the root cause.


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