Running a business in Warrington and Manchester is hard enough without dealing with issues such as drainage and sewers! However, what would happen to your business if something were to go wrong?

People will choose a restaurant to have a night off cooking, relax in a pleasant ambience and eat a delicious meal. If instead, they are presented with an atmosphere that comes with the aroma a backed-up sewer offers, the chance of a return visit will be practically zero.

Restaurants are a business that is more likely than others to suffer from drainage issues due to fluids like cooking oils being disposed of incorrectly. When oils get poured down a drain, they eventually cool and solidify. This may not be enough on its own to cause a blockage but will reduce the diameter of the sewer pipe and cause an obstruction for other material to catch on – further increasing the blockage potential.

How to spot a blocked drain?

When it comes to drains, prevention is better than cure. Identifying and resolving a drain issue will save you time and money in the long term as unblocking a drain before it ceases up entirely is a much faster, easier and cost-effective job.
To help you identify a blocked drain, here are some things to look out for:

  • Smell: the easiest symptom to recognise
  • Sink drainage: water takes longer than usual to drain from your sink
  • Toilet drainage: water rises or almost overflows after flushing
  • Noises: gurgling sounds from the plughole

Please get in touch today if you have noticed any of these issues in your restaurant in Manchester or Warrington. We have quick and easy solutions to identify and fix your drainage issues and keep the kitchen working and your customers happy. Our CCTV Inspection can discover the cause and location of any blockages before deciding the best way to treat the problem.

We keep you informed at every step of what we find and let you see the inspection as it’s happening. This keeps our process as transparent as possible and enables you to understand the process that will need to take place in order to fix it.

If you would like a health check on your drains, or if you know you have an issue to resolve, please call us on 07751 139 514, or send us a message through our website.