As sewers aren’t the most appealing thing to think about when you’re running a restaurant, they can often be overlooked.

However, having a fully functioning drainage system in your restaurant is just as important as having waiters to serve food and ingredients in stock.  Think about it, if there’s a sewage backup in your restaurant, you’ll have a whole range of problems to deal with.


What are the dangers caused by a sewage backup in your restaurant?

A sewage backup in your restaurant could easily lead to food being contaminated.  This means you’re looking at issues such as E. coli, norovirus, and hepatitis A.  Not quite so scrummy as the food on your menu!

The contamination happens when employees are exposed to contaminants and parasites in the sewage water.  Not only could this make your staff sick, but when they prepare food for your customers, this could result in the foodborne pathogens making your customers sick too.

Aside from this, sewage water isn’t particularly fragrant!  You’re unlikely to get many customers through the door if, rather than delicious food, they can smell the contents of your drains.  This obviously isn’t great for PR!

If your drains become blocked your establishment may have to close until a health inspector certifies that the problem has been rectified and it is safe to re-open.

Even worse, should the problem worsen to the point that adjoining buildings are affected, you’ll be liable to pay any damage costs.

If you find yourself suffering from a sewage backup, you should act fast and get a professional drain and pipe cleaning service on the case.  Due to the hazards posed by sewage water in a restaurant, it can get you to shut down, fast.

How do I know if my restaurant has a sewage backup?

A sewage backup in your restaurant is fairly easy to identify.  If you have any of the following issues, it’s likely that you have a blockage somewhere in your sewage pipes:

  • Standing water or obvious sewage in sinks and other drains
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Wastewater in your dishwasher isn’t draining properly
  • Grease trap is not working properly

Prevent restaurant drain blockages in Manchester

Restaurants get blockages in their drains more often than most industries, as employees often scrape grease and food down the drains.  Cooking oil should be disposed of responsibly.  Get your used oil picked up by an environmentally friendly collection service.  Additionally, you should train your staff to place all leftover food into a bin before rinsing plates and placing them in the dishwasher.

Patrons will inevitably flush whatever they like down your restaurant’s toilets.  However, placing customer notices and clearly labelled bins for nappies and sanitary products should help to mitigate the problem.  Also, inspecting and cleaning your toilets regularly is not only good for business but should help you to spot any potential issues early.

CCTV Drain Surveys for Restaurants in Manchester

If you haven’t had your drains inspected for a while, or you’ve just purchased a property to open a new restaurant and you want to start off on the best footing, it’s a good idea to get a CCTV drain survey.  This can highlight any existing issues, which we can repair before they get worse.

SM Drains are based in Manchester and can conduct CCTV drain surveys for restaurants all over Greater Manchester.  We use only state-of-the-art commercial CCTV drain surveying equipment and will provide you with a full report on the state of your drains.  This will include photographic evidence of any blockages or defects. Click the link to find out more about our CCTV drain surveys.

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Because restaurants suffer so frequently from drain blockages, and overflowing sewage can cause catastrophe for your business, it’s a good idea to have your drains cleaned by professionals regularly.

Haven’t you had your drains cleaned recently?  Or maybe you’re experiencing issues such as standing water or slow-draining sinks.  In either case, our expert drain technicians can inspect your pipes and thoroughly remove any obstructions. Just give SM Drains a call on 07751 139514 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.