High Pressure Drain Jetting Manchester

Using industry-leading technology, SM Drains can quickly clean any drainage system and deal with blockages of all kinds. To take advantage of drain jetting in Manchester and the surrounding areas, call SM Drains’ local team today!

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High Pressure Drain Jetting In Manchester

SM Drains uses high-pressure drain jetting to eliminate drain blockages. Using state-of-the-art technology, the water pressure is calculated exactly, so that any fats, oils, grease or general debris will be washed away without doing any damage to your pipes.  Your drains will be fully functional once more.


Cheap Drain Jetting Services in Manchester

We can use our high pressure drain jets to unblock your drains anywhere in the Manchester area from as little as £59 .  If you’re not sure whether or not your drains are blocked, signs to watch out for include bad smells, water gurgling, and, in serious cases, even flooding.

High pressure drain jetting is also a great way to maintain healthy drains. Regular jetting as a preventative measure can actually protect your pipes by removing excess residue.  So don’t wait until there’s a blockage, keep your drains healthy and avoid any inconvenient problems altogether.

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High pressure water jetting
High pressure water jetting

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

To unblock your drains with a drain jet, we place a high pressure hose into your blocked drain. We then pump water through the hose from our state-of-the-art jetting machine. This creates a powerful stream of water, which will break any blockages into smaller pieces. The water then pushes these through the drains and sewers, leaving you with a clean and working drain.

The volume of water and the pressure at which we pump it must be carefully calculated. The correct volume and pressure will clear your system of blockages. The wrong calculations could cause damage to your system, or cause it to flood without dislodging the waste. Always be sure to use a reputable drain unblocking service for this reason!

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

There are several signs of blocked drains to watch out for. These include:

  • Toilet water rising to the top or draining very slowly when you flush
  • Plugholes making gargling noises when draining
  • A nasty smell coming from your drains
  • Sinks and bathtubs draining slowly
  • Flooding around manholes close to your property

Blocked Drains in Manchester

SM Drains provide an unbeatable high-pressure drain jetting service throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas. We have more than 16 years of experience of working with commercial and domestic drains.

If you’ve got a blocked drain, or you’d like to maintain your drains and ensure that you never have any issues, contact us today on 07751 139514

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What Our Customers Say

Stephen Haynes

Excellent service and resolution. Came out in middle of night and stayed until job and drains were all unblocked. Worked tirelessly for 2.5 hours until gone midnight and even offered to help clean up.

Would highly recommend

Nafeesah Hajee

Highly recommend, great service, arrived promptly, blockage removed and problem identified with the area left clean and disinfected. Very knowledgeable and great advice given. Won’t find anyone better/cheaper!

Joe Madden

Brilliant service, arrived promptly and identified the source of the problem quickly! Blockage removed and the area left clean and disinfected. Very knowledgeable and reasonably priced - left me with advice on avoiding future problems. Thanks again!