We have recently completed a job in Bolton where our customer was complaining of a pest problem orginating from her drains!

As mentioned in our previous blog post How to stop rats in drains, cracked drains are a fantastic place for Rats and pests to get into your home, popping up through toilets and causing havoc in your home.

Fixing the cracked drain is the only way to prevent this. If you call a pest controler to remove the Rats, that will temporily fix the issue, but the gateway will still be there.

When we got to the property in Bolton, we found that there are was an open joint that was an easy enterance for Rats. We sealed off the opening and therefore prevented pests from entering! Simple.

If you have a problem with pests – specifically Rats and Mice, then it may be time to give us a call and fix the root of the problem. Speak to our freindly team today on 07751 139514 or via the web form.