Drain damage and fixes

Some of the drainage and sewer systems in the UK are extremely old; many date as far back as the 1800s! Age is definitely a contributing factor to the breakdown of many drains, but even modern drains can need repairing.

Tree roots, incorrect groundworks and poor installation can all play a part in how well a drain will cope with increasing demands over time. If your drains are damaged, it is only a matter of time before you will be risking sewer flooding, leaking, blockages, foul odours and water egress, which can contribute to subsidence of your home. These issues will all get worse over time due to wear and tear.

What is a sewer lining?

It is obviously super important to get damaged drains and sewers repaired quickly.

In the vast majority of cases, SM Drains can install a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner, which is much cheaper than digging up a load of pipes, and minimises any disruption to your day.

This liner is impregnated with resin and then inserted into the drain, sealing the inside walls of the drain to prevent leaks and further damage. We’ll be able to exactly where to place the liner with our CCTV drain technology.

How were sewers and drains repaired in the past?

In the past, when a drain collapsed from damage due to a tree root, age or poor installation, the entire pipe had to be replaced. This meant that your garden, driveway, or a section of road needed to be dug up. This was noisy, messy and above all, costly!

Are sewer linings the answer?

In most cases, yes. Sewer lining systems, often referred to as ‘no-dig technology,’ can be quickly and easily deployed. There are many benefits of opting for a new drain lining. There’s no mess, no fuss, it’s really effective and a much more reasonable price than excavations. Effectively, the liner creates a pipe within a pipe, forming a seal to prevent further damage. Sewer liners are great for covering over damage to prevent it from getting worse, and for helping your drains stay in working order.

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