If you have a blocked drain, you may be tempted to attempt to unblock it yourself.  Whilst there are a lot of products available in all supermarkets to do this, often the problem will be a bit more than a non-professional can realistically do.

Drain Rods & Drain Chemicals

the use of chemical drain unblockers and drain rods is very common, and having a go yourself is to be commended as a first point of call.  On the flip side, we do get called out a lot to retrive lost drain rods from people who have had a go themselves!

DIY Drain Problems

There are times when DIY drain unblocking can go horribly wrong.  In 2013 a man attempted to unblock the drains of a tower block himself

The police were called a few hours later when residents were complaining of a chemical smell coming from the block.  Unfortunately, the body of the man was found on the 17th floor of the tower block after becoming overwhelmed with the fumes.

This is obviously an extreme example of what can go wrong, but emphasises the importance of health and safety when it comes to dealing with the chemicals involved with unblocking drains.

Call The Experts

If you have blocked drains and have tried and failed with the DIY approach, or if your drains are blocked again in a short time frame, give our friendly team a call and let us assist.  We have many years of experience and there will be very few drain problems that we havent seen and fixed in the past.

Call us for an appointment on 07751 139514 or fill in the online form with details of your issue and we will get back t you as soon as possible.