Collapsed drain repair

SM Drains have recently been called out to fix a collapsed drain in Manchester. A collapsed drain can often be diagnosed as a blocked drain, as once the drain is unblocked, the symptoms will go away. However, if the drain is broken then it will only be a small matter of time before the problems arise again.

Signs of a collapsed drain

If you are wondering how you would know if you had a collapsed drain, take a look at some of the problems that you would notice underneath:

Sewers backed up & pipe blockages

With a collapsed drain, the sewage can’t physically move through the pipe. The the only place the sewer waste can go is back where it came from! If your drains have been unblocked recently and this is a regular occurence, it is a sign of a collapsed drain.

Blocked drain in Manchester

Strong Sewage Smells

A side effect of pipe blockages, you will notice strong smells of sewage. This is obviously very unpleasant around the home. Unblocking the drain will stop the problem, but a broken drain will soon make the problem return.

Rats & Pests

Cracked and broken drains offer an easy entry to your home for sewer dwelling pests! If you have a pest infestation coming through your sewer system, deal with the pest problem first, then the drainage issue.

Blocked drains due to Rats

New damp patches, mould and bowing floors

A cracked and broken drain can put strain on the pipes that are carrying the waste away. If any further cracks appear due to the stress, in a place that is under the house, there may be damp or mold patches that appear, or even floorboards start bowing. Check any outbuildings and garages in case the drains lead under these buildings.

Slow drainage

A CCTV survey can help determine whether any slow moving drains are due to a blockage or a collapsed drain. The best advice would be to try and unblock the drains using tools and products you can buy from supermarkets and local plumbing / hardware stores before calling the professionals. Slow drainage can mean water slowly draining from kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks or showers so keep an eye on all of these.

If you suspect you have a collapsed drain, please contact our friendly team and see how we can help.